9 Month Puppy Update

If you didn't know, us at WeatherBeeta sponsor the most adorable puppy... Chloe! She is part of the Dogs for Good programme and once old enough, Chloe will work to make a real difference in someone's life. For now, her only real job is to grow up! Chloe lives with socialisers Carole and Steve. They have kindly shared a 9 month update on her progress.

We can't quite believe how big she is now! Chloe is now nine months old and officially a ‘teenager’. Normally from the age of six months onwards, the focus for socialisers, Carole and Steve, shifts to transferring the training they have completed at home or in puppy classes to ‘real-life’ situations and environments. Ensuring Chloe returns when called if walking in the park and helping her learn to settle in busy places, such as cafes and restaurants. After the months of lockdown, Carole and Steve are now able to take Chloe out and about to experience new situations. During lockdown, regular one to one phone and video calls were organised by Puppy Coordinator Helen, to ensure Chloe is developing appropriately and puppy socialisers Carole and Steve are comfortable with the exercises she can do.

“We can’t believe how quickly time is flying by! Chloe is growing up to be such a beautiful little girl, very loving and well behaved the majority of the time but she can also be very mischievous! We have our very own Andrex puppy as she has found the toilet paper on a couple of occasions and pulled it all over the place and had a good chew on the paper and inner cardboard roll. Needless to say the toilet door is now kept closed. Chloe has also recently decided she likes pulling my strawberry plants up!

We have done lots of visits to the local shop and lead walks close to home; we are very pleased with her progress. I feel a little easier about going a bit further afield now so have done a couple of meet ups, first with Helen, our puppy coordinator, at a shopping centre and then yesterday we met a friend with another Dogs for Good puppy at Dobbies garden centre. On both occasions Chloe’s behaviour was good considering it is all new to her.

weatherbeeta dogs for good sponsored puppy

We have met a few different people and, being a typical Goldie, she loved all the attention. She is obviously still a little wary of new things and places but I am sure that will only get better in time. Chloe loves her free runs with her doggie friends and has just found the courage to go into the river – we can’t keep her out now. This really helped to cool her down in the recent hot weather.

She loves all treats especially high value cheese and sausage - nothing new there! Chloe doesn’t have any particular favourite toys but enjoys playing with balls, big and small, tug and soft toys. She also loves chewing on bones and antlers. As I say she is such a loving girl and will sometimes just come and rest her head on my knee. She loves lots of hugs and cuddles which my grandchildren (aged 9 and 6) love to give her. For a 9 month old pup she is so calm and gentle with them.” - Carole and Steve, socialisers