5 Month update, February 2021

For the first six months the focus for her socialisers, Carole and Steve, is to make sure that Chloe has a consistent routine. This helps her to develop in areas such as house training, learning to be left alone, and basic obedience. Normally, they would spend time socialising Chloe around lots of people and animals, and together they would visit as many different places as possible. Until the current lockdown starts to lift much of this work will have to continue in the home environment. Regular one to one phone and video calls will be organised by Puppy Coordinator Helen to ensure Chloe is developing appropriately and puppy socialisers Carole and Steve are comfortable with the exercises she can do.

“Chloe has really grown these last few weeks, we can’t believe how big she is now. She is such a pretty little girl and so adorable especially when she is asleep. She has totally settled in with us, so much so she can be really mischievous at times. She still loves climbing and pulling up my plants. Chloe is a very clever cookie and does these things when you are not looking!

Chloe is doing well with her basic commands - sit, down, wait - and her recall when out on free runs is going well. She does get a bit distracted sometimes especially where food is concerned. She gets on well with all dogs, big and small.

Chloe will eat most things but her favourites, unsurprisingly, are high value treats like sausage and chicken!

She is currently teething so she is chewing on everything in sight - wood, toys, chews and bones are her favourites. We found one of her teeth yesterday so the tooth fairy left her a treat! Chloe loves playing tug and is surprisingly strong considering her age. She will fetch a thrown ball and bring it back. Also she is good at solving food puzzles, not taking long at all to work out what she needs to do to get the treats.

We have had some lovely snow during the last couple of weeks. At first Chloe couldn’t understand what it was but in no time at all she was going mad running around in it. Unfortunately, in the present circumstances, we have not really been able to visit many places or mix with family and friends. We have walked by our local food, paper shops and butchers but I am not too keen in taking her inside at present.

Her general behaviour is very good when out and about and she’s great on the lead. We’re looking forward to the day lockdown lifts and we can take her to different places such as cafes and small shops. Carole and Steve, Socialisers