Horse rugs are primarily used to protect your horse or pony from varying weather conditions and climates, especially in circumstances where shelter isn’t available. We know how important your horse is to you, and understand that providing them with the best fit, comfort and protection is vital to your peace of mind.

The right horse rug choice will help to regulate your horse’s body temperature and maintain a healthy condition, whilst also helping to keep them clean and free from weather exposure.

Here are the five main types of rugs available to you and your horse to help you decide which would most be beneficial.

Turnout Rugs

dark brown horse wearing black rug outsidedark brown horse wearing black rug outside

A horse turnout rug is essentially a waterproof covering which will protect your horse from harsh weather conditions such as cold, rain, wind and snow, keeping them warm and dry. There are various levels of protection and warmth available in a turnout rug, offering a high level of versatility, and you should consider your own horses living and grazing conditions, clipping routine, weight, age and exercise level before choosing which rug is best for your horse or pony. For example, a native breed which is left unclipped and in minimal work, will likely not need a heavyweight turnout rug at any point, versus a fully clipped horse in full time work with no natural shelter.

Stable Rugs

grey horse wearing burgundy ruggrey horse wearing burgundy rug

Horses that are clipped and stabled will benefit from a stable rug to provide warmth that is lost from being stood stationary. Not only this but a lighter weight stable rug, fleece or sheet can be used to help keep horses clean and dust free – particularly useful if you have a competition the next day!

Fly Rugs

grey horse stood outside wearing sweet itch ruggrey horse stood outside wearing sweet itch rug

Fly rugs, also known as mesh rugs, help to prevent horses from becoming irritated by flies and biting insects during the summer months. Not only this, but many fly rugs also have UV protection, making them beneficial to horses or ponies exposed to the sun for long periods of grazing time. With such conditions such as sweet itch, fly rugs are an absolute essential for your horses well being and to help minimise the symptoms.

Summer Sheets

brown horse stood outside wearing summer sheetbrown horse stood outside wearing summer sheet

Horses that are turned out into their paddocks during warmer weather will benefit from a summer sheet with a much higher UV protection than most fly rugs. With a high cotton content, they are more naturally breathable to keep your horse cool in the sun, whilst also helping to prevent coat fading and keep your horse clean and dust free. It’s important to note that summer sheets are not waterproof.

Coolers & Fleece Rugs

dark brown horse stood on yard wearing blue fleece rug with squirrel printdark brown horse stood on yard wearing blue fleece rug with squirrel print

Cooler rugs and fleeces are generally used after exercise when your horses body temperature has increased. Like their name suggests, a cooler rug will help to regulate your horse’s temperature and prevent it dropping too rapidly. They are also particularly useful for travelling horses and in between classes at competitions.