Exploring With My Four Legged Friend

Some of the most rewarding and precious moments shared between owners and their dogs are those shared on walks, just you and your four-legged friend exploring, from the sea side to the country side or even an urban jungle, just you and your pup putting the real world to one side can really do wonders for both you and your dogs mind, body and soul.

When me and my partner first anticipated getting a new puppy, this was the first thing I dreamt of, all the wonderful adventures we were going to have together throughout the years! The difficult task of picking the right puppy was an exciting and fun experience, because who doesn’t want to meet as many puppy’s as possible before finding “the one”, although it didn’t take us too long before we found our girl, Pearl.

Pearl is a Jack Russell Terrier, we specifically picked this breed as they are naturally confident, bold and extremely inquisitive (of which Pearl certainly lives up to!) and this makes for some very messy, exciting and eventful adventures on a daily basis.

Pearl is now 6 months old, which means she is fully vaccinated and mature to truly adventure and experience the big wide world. From the first moment we brought this tiny little puppy home, Pearl has been a little adventurer! From getting behind the settee, up and down the stairs, hiding in her toy box and her most favourite hiding spot, amongst the flowers in the garden!

Pearl whilst on her walks has not only found a love of exploring the land, why limit herself to that!? Pearl has found a love of water and swimming! At any opportunity she gets, when there is water near, she runs as fast as she can and jumps straight in. But swimming alone can get boring, so she carefully selects her most favourite stick of the day for her humans to throw in time and time again, because playing fetch on land is a lot less fun!

With summer soon coming to an end, I have started thinking of which products she will be wearing this winter to keep her warm, dry and able to withstand her antics to assure we keep on adventuring! Now Pearl is nearly fully grown so she will not outgrow her coats, she will be getting a lovely WeatherBeeta Wardrobe to make sure she stays warm and dry. A WeatherBeeta Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat is my choice of day to day exploring coat, the 1200D outer is sure to be sturdy enough to keep up with Pearls adventures, from rolling in the muck heaps at the stables to running through the forests, plus with the belly wrap this is sure to keep her warm and clean. For after baths and muddy walks, the WeatherBeeta Dry-Dog Bag is a MUST, I think this will be useful all year round, especially with Pearls love of water! WeatherBeeta is a brand I have trusted in from keeping my naughty neddies warm and dry through the years and naturally, I want the same comfort and protection for Pearl too.