5 Reasons To Choose The Weatherbeeta Kyla Waterproof Jacket

It’s that time of year again for equestrians and dog owners – we have turned the corner towards shorter days, darker evenings, and dropping temperatures.

Our beloved horses and dogs are always at the forefront of our minds when it comes to layering and warmth, but where do we feature as owners? Here at WeatherBeeta, we are just as proud of our clothing range as we are of our horse rugs and dog coats – and the Kyla Waterproof Jacket ticks all the boxes when it comes to warmth and comfort over the colder, wetter months.

Why choose the WeatherBeeta Kyla Waterproof Jacket?


waterproof coat showing dropletswaterproof coat showing droplets

There’s nothing worse than getting wet at the stables or out on walks. Whether you are riding, mucking out, or exercising your canine friend, its essential to keep dry – especially in the cold weather. The WeatherBeeta Kyla coat is 100% waterproof, and with sealed seams, chest, and hand zips, you are guaranteed to keep yourself and your personal belongings dry. What’s more, the funnel high neck and hood will make sure that your head and neck are protected from the elements.

Warm Quilted Lining

It’s so easy to feel the cold out against the elements during the winter, especially whilst out on a hack or walk where you don’t have the protection of the stables, shelter or menage. You’re sure to keep warm with the quilted lining of the Kyla Jacket. Paired with a WeatherBeeta base layer, you’re sure to keep warm and cosy, whatever the weather may throw at you.

waterproof coat being worn outsidewaterproof coat being worn outside


Whilst it’s good to stay dry and warm, it’s so important that our clothing is breathable whilst we are riding or walking so that we don’t get too hot. The Kyla is the perfect outer layer, allowing for warmth whilst maintaining breathability.

inside pockets of kyla waterproof coatinside pockets of kyla waterproof coat

Packed With Features

A high funnel neck, concealed zipped hood, inner, chest and hand zips, and stuff cuffs to prevent heat loss – need we say more? The Kyla has every feature that you would expect from a winter jacket to keep you warm and dry.

Zip Pockets Inside & Out

Lost phone? Loose change fallen out? We’ve all been there! The Kyla Jacket has handy inside pockets, and chest and hand pockets which are all zipped and sealed to keep your personal items safe and dry.

If you’re looking to complete your look, we would recommend the WeatherBeeta Maeve Base Layer and the WeatherBeetaVeda Technical Riding Tights for a perfect, comfortable fit. And why not accessorise this winter with the WeatherBeeta Knit Beanie, for a super snuggly but stylish look!