How To Care For And Clean Your Horse's Turnout Rug

As horse owners, we understand how important it is to make sure your horse’s rug is clean and maintained to uphold its integrity to keep your horse protected.

At WeatherBeeta, we are so proud of the quality of our turnout rugs that each one comes with its own 3-year warranty as standard – but there is still essential maintenance that horse owners can carry out to make sure that your horse rugs are long-term, investment pieces that shield our horses against the elements over the winter months.

Discover our top tips on how to care for and clean your horse's turnout rug, below...

What Should I Look Out For?

horse outside with weatherbeeta ultra tough turnout rug in the snowhorse outside with weatherbeeta ultra tough turnout rug in the snow

Firstly, and probably the most importantly, it’s essential to look out regularly for any holes or pulls in the outer material of your horse's turnout rug. If you have a rug-friendly horse, then this is of course less likely to happen – but for those of you with rug-wreckers, its probably wise to choose a rug with a tough exterior which will stand the test of time. The WeatherBeeta Ultra Tough features the ultimate strength 1680 denier ballistic nylon outer shell with Teflon coating that is both waterproof & breathable for the rug-destroyers out there!

Be sure to regularly check the rug straps, fixtures, and surcingles too – its vital that these are intact to keep your horses’ legs safe and tangle free.

How do I clean my horse’s rug?

In this instance, less is more. Yes, its lovely to have a rug that looks pristine and mud-free, but equestrians know that the shiny new appearance of a turnout rug will more than likely last five minutes. To remove excess dirt from the rug, allow to dry and brush down with a bristle brush (we have all got one in own grooming kit!) this way, the waterproof outer of your rug will remain intact and more importantly keep your horse dry during the rainy weather. Should you want to wash you rug, always ensure that you are using a proper horse rug wash or seek the help of a professional to do the dirty work for you.

Check the inside, too!

When it comes to rug maintenance, it’s not all just about the exterior. Your horses coat will mean that over time there is a natural build up of grease and dirt on the inner material. Be sure to give this a wipe with a damp cloth as this can cause irritation to your horse over time and can increase the chance of your horse rubbing its mane and/or tail.

Should I reproof my horse's turnout rug?

brown horse stood outside wearing weatherbeeta greentec turnout rugbrown horse stood outside wearing weatherbeeta greentec turnout rug

WeatherBeeta turnout rugs are guaranteed for three years when it comes to hardware, waterproofness, and breathability as standard. Of course, all rugs will eventually require a reproof to ensure that your horse is kept warm and dry. We would always recommend that you seek the assistance of a professional who can clean and reproof your rug properly and correctly.

How should I store my horse's turnout rug when I’m not using it?

First, make sure your horse’s rug is dry before folding and storing, this way you won’t come back to a mouldy rug for the next use. Every WeatherBeeta turnout rug is provided with its own zip storage bag which ensures a tidy and neat space for your rug to be kept. What’s more, if you need another, WeatherBeeta rug bags are also available to buy online.

Following the above steps can help to ensure your horses rug is fit for long-term use and ultimately protecting your horse’s health. The WeatherBeeta turnout rug range offers a variety of styles, outer fabric and weights to suit every horse’s needs.