How to keep cool when wearing hi-vis

It is just as important to wear hi-vis when riding out in the summer as it is in the winter. Bright lights, colourful hedge rows and fields of rape can easily camouflage you from motorists, dog walkers, and other pedestrians. Give everyone you encounter the opportunity to spot you early so they can react in sufficient time.

Hi-vis doesn’t have to be thick winter coats or exercise sheets. There is a great selection of hi-vis available that is designed to be worn in the summer months when the weather is warm.

In this blog, we will take you through some of these pieces from the new WeatherBeeta Reflective range that are suitable for summer riding. All the apparel in this range is EN1150 certified, meaning it is suitable for non-professional use i.e., leisure riding. When looking for hi-vis clothing, it is recommended to buy products that are certified to ensure they meet safety standards. EN1150 certified ensures the product is reasonably durable so will not fade after a short period of time and will withstand general wear and tear. The standard also sets requirements for colour and luminance to ensure that the wearer can be seen by day, whilst it sets the requirements for retro-reflective strips that will make the wearer more visible in the dark when illuminated by light.

WeatherBeeta Reflective Harness

weatherbeeta reflective harness

For the hottest of days, reach for a reflective harness. Lightweight and versatile, it can be worn over any piece of clothing. It features a zip pocket on the front to fit your phone and keys with side waist touch tape tabs for easy adjustability. Available in Pink or Yellow Hi-Vis in sizes to fit Adults and Children.

WeatherBeeta Reflective Waistcoat

weatherbeeta reflective waistcoat

If you prefer more full coverage, try the reflective waistcoat. Made from a lightweight material, it features elastic on the sides and touch tape tab closures to fit any body shape. This waistcoat has “Please Pass Wide & Slow” printed on the back and a front zip closure to keep it secure. Complete with two zip pockets. Available in Pink or Yellow Hi-Vis in sizes to fit Adults and Children.

WeatherBeeta Reflective Lightweight Waterproof Vest

weatherbeeta reflective waterproof vest

Even if you are riding in the heights of summer, a spontaneous downpour is still a possibility! This all-weather vest is prepared for the unpredictable British weather. It is fully lined with a breathable polyester mesh which is waterproof and lightweight to keep you comfortable whatever the weather. Complete with two pockets and an elastic drawstring cord at the hem for a close fit. Available in Pink or Yellow Hi-Vis in sizes to fit Adults and Children.

WeatherBeeta Reflective Prime All Purpose Saddle Pad

weatherbeeta reflective prime all purpose saddle pad

Now, time for your horse. You’ll be using a saddle pad when you ride anyway, so why not make it reflective? This saddle pad is part of the WeatherBeeta Prime range so has a high wither design, breathable mesh spine for extra airflow, and a polyester wick easy lining to keep your horse comfortable. It is highly reflective for safety. Available in Pink/Silver or Yellow/Silver in sizes Pony and Full. Also available in a Dressage cut.

WeatherBeeta Reflective Ear Bonnet

weatherbeeta reflective ear bonnet

An ear bonnet is a great choice for the summer as it keeps the flies out of your horse’s ears while also increasing your visibility. This ear bonnet is made from a mesh material for breathability and has a hi-vis trim. Available in Pink or Yellow in sizes Pony and Full.

WeatherBeeta Reflective Single Lock Brushing Boots

weatherbeeta reflective single lock brushing boots

Wearing hi-vis that covers different parts of you and your horse increases your visibility. Hi-vis horse boots are a great choice to complement your waistcoat. These brushing boots are made from soft, durable, and breathable neoprene that conforms to your horse’s leg for a close, comfortable fit. Available in Pink/Silver or Yellow/Silver in sizes Pony, Cob, and Full.

For more information about hi-vis, read our blog 5 reasons why riders should always wear hi-vis.

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