Product Review: ComFiTec Ultra Tough II

I have recently purchased a Weatherbeeta Comfitec Ultra Tough II rug for my horse, after having my eye on it for a while! I got it in the medium weight (220g), with an additional medium/lite (100g) liner, so this rug will certainly see me throughout the whole of winter! I love the liner system, my horse isn’t a rug wrecker, so he really looks after his rugs. Having one outer rug and just swapping the liners makes it so easy – and saves me on so much space. I also love the detach-a-neck feature, which really makes the rug versatile and it enables me to keep his mane in tip top condition without any rubbing, and the best bit is there is no gap between the neck attachment and the rug – even when my horse has his head down eating, so he doesn’t have any of his neck exposed to the cold or rain! Amazing! Usually there is always that little gap, no more. There is also an additional attachment which does up under the neck, so his chest is also not exposed, this is so helpful to me as my horse is clipped in winter, and this allows him to be lovely and warm with no skin subjected to the elements. The tail wrap is brilliant as it is lovely and big and really does wrap him in the rug, and the reflective bits make it so easy spotting him in the low light / darkness! This rug is amazing and everyone at my yard wants one! So smart looking and just as practical.