Megan & Patience – Volunteer Police Officers on Horseback

WeatherBeeta 300d Reflective Exercise Sheet

Being visible whilst hacking on the roads and through the fields is crucial. It gives you the best chance possible for cars and aircraft to see you and slow down or avoid you. I know not everyone will pass as slowly as I’d like but my Hi Vis makes me noticeable from much further away than if we weren’t wearing any at all. I can’t change the actions of other people, but I can change my own, which is why I do as much as I can to help us both be seen all year round and make sure we are both wearing some form of Hi Vis.

Patience and I mostly use our WeatherBeeta Reflective Sheet when the weather is a little cooler or when it is raining to keep her as dry as possible (she hates riding out in the rain!). When we ride without the exercise sheet, we like to use a brightly coloured saddle pad like the WeatherBeeta Elite Pad in Turquoise, to help us be seen. As well as a Hi Vis neck band and rear brushing boots for Patience, I never leave the yard without my Hi Vis Jacket and Hat Band.

Even though Patience is pretty much a saint on the roads and has been there and seen it all, at 27 years old she can still do a big old spook at a dead badger on the side of the road or if a pigeon flies out in front of her face! We patrol the local village and surrounding farms and get many comments saying how bright we are when wearing the reflective exercise sheet! The girth loops prevent the sheet from slipping and I love the large tail flap as it makes you much more visible from behind! I love the little fleece wither protection too, it prevents the sheet from pulling too tight on her high withers and keeps her comfortable throughout the ride.