Storing Your Winter Rugs: Get Ready For The Arrival of Spring

Spring is around the corner… FINALLY! After another long, cold, wet winter its almost time to get up in the loft to bring down my WeatherBeeta fly rugs and summer sheets. But currently my rug racks and stable walls are still adorned with my filthy winter rugs. Time for a sort out!

Checking all stitching and linings.

Checking the rug inside and out for stitching and rips, all strap attachments and hardware attachments is a good starting point, so you can work out if it is financially beneficial to get the rug repaired/reproofed or replaced! If last winter was particularly hard on your old, very much used rug that has one buckle attached at the front by bailing twine.… it’s probably time to donate that one to the bin and treat your horse to a new one next winter! For those rugs worthy of repair, your local rug cleaning professional will be able to patch and replace missing straps, or to cut down on costs you can do this yourself, WeatherBeeta offer a range of replacement rug accessories so you can make sure your winter rugs are ready for next year!


I’m only allowed to wash my lightweight rugs in my washing machine, the drum isn’t large enough to fit my larger heavier rugs in, plus my boyfriend doesn’t really appreciate when I do wash my horsey things in there, so I feel obliged to use my local professional rug washing service! Plus, I know their knowledge and expertise will ensure my rugs are cleaned and treated correctly ready for next year. For those I will be cleaning at home however I follow WeatherBeeta care guide!

  1. Remove excess dirt, mud and hair from your rug with a brush
  2. Remove all detergent build up from your detergent dispenser
  3. Place your rug in a mesh wash bag to contain all the straps and buckles, protecting them from being damaged and protecting your machine
  4. Machine wash your rug on a gentle delicate cycle using a mild soap or a reputable and recommended rug cleaning wash such as Nikwax Rug Wash (always follow the manufacturers proofing instructions)
  5. DO NOT use detergents or fabric conditioners as you risk compromising your WeatherBeeta's unique waterproof and breathable coating.
  6. For best results, re-proof your rug too add durable repellency and revitalise breathability. Use a reputable and recommended rug proofer such as Nikwax Rug Proof (always follow the manufacturers proofing instructions)
  7. Line dry your WeatherBeeta rug - do not tumble dry and make sure your rugs are completely dry before you store them as you risk them going mouldy!

Storing your rugs

The great thing about WeatherBeeta rugs is that all rugs come with sturdy, reusable bags. However, how do you get your huge rugs back neatly folded into the bag it so neatly arrived in? Follow the below steps! Make sure you store your rugs in a dry area where they cannot get damp or damaged by little mice (we’ve all had a mouse make a house in a rug at least once right?!)

  1. Lay the rug out flat
  2. Fold the tail flap and neck inside the rug
  3. Fold Length wise once or twice depending on rug thickness
  4. Fold width wise until the rug is square