WeatherBeeta's Next Top Model

You swing it over their back and can’t even wait to adjust buckles or do it up, you stand back…

‘Yeahhhh, that looks smart, boy looks good!’

Whilst Coalman stands there sighing with his ears naturally pinned the wrong way, backwards! I’m mega chuffed, the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec classic combo neck lite looks smoking and fits an absolute dream! Winning! Value for money on form!

Coalman’s half brother Tally looks on fixated, ears pricked with his head bobbing,  visioning him repeating ‘mine, mine, mine’! Convinced that if he could talk, he’d resemble a child fuelled on E-numbers!

‘You even think about it mate, I’m watching you!’

Fully aware that turning these two out together will either go one way or the other…..

Tally will either insist on young horse play time or he’ll find a way to add another ‘peep hole’ in his own rug. Judging by his face, I’m going for the first option!

The strong and durable 600 denier ripstop outer shell won’t be defeated by those hooves of yours matey!

I begrudgingly lead the two Welsh D brothers out together and in my head I’m already creating Coalman’s own ‘WeatherBeeta’s Next Top Model CV’, I mean come on, we all know our horses should be on the front cover of any marketing when their rug just enhances that body you’ve worked hard to achieve. To clarify, mine is an ongoing working progress, mental note to try harder.

‘Uhh humm’-

Dear WeatherBeeta,

I think my horse deserves to be your next marketing model for rugs because he looks smoking in the ‘ComFiTec Classic combo neck lite’ rug I’ve just bought, I’ve attached 17 pictures of all angles possible and a selfie for good measure.

Although the Pro’s outweigh the cons, slightly, Ive mingled them together so that I can make it sound like my horse is actually worth it and that really the cons mean nothing and maybe you’ll forget I’ve listed them. So here it goes-

Con- He only ever puts his ears forward when he’s looking away from me (honestly he does love me).

Pro- There’s room in the rug for his broad native shoulders.

Con- He does stand square if you manually pick up all four feet and place them for him.

Pro- The elastic neck straps allow for even the welshest of necks without force.

Con- He doesn’t breathe in for photos, bikini body means nothing.

Pro- The hugology doesn’t highlight the above and coverage is good without sporting a mini skirt.

Con- Brother Tally doesn’t have a matching one.

Pro- No appearance fee required.

I have approx 1,200 images of Coalman on my iPhone and another 500 on my iPad that I’m happy to share with you on Instagram or Facebook so that you can see him in every aspect of life; when he’s eating, through his ears, at a competition, having a shower, looking at me over his stable. You’ll love every one I’m sure and I’m sure you’ll take the time in your busy day to like and comment on each one.

If however our available times don’t work in the super near future, then both my welshies are in 6’3 rugs and if you have any you could post then I’ll happily take another 30 photos and send them over for you to use for ongoing Facebook posts.

I believe he would be a super asset to WeatherBeeta!

Warm Regards,

Christie McLean

Coalman & Tally


As I unclip the welsh brothers, snap one quick picture and watch them both drop to the just rained on grass, the beautiful red now sporting some fetching brown skid marks, I rethink my draft email I’d written In my head as my sparkly boys turn into wallowing hippo’s and decide, let’s not put the designers and makers of the best fitting rugs through the shame of these two mud warriors, add the following hashtags to my Instagram photo and click ‘post’.

Cheers boys!

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