"We are Team UEA" - Learn more about our latest partnership

Written by Hannah Smith on behalf of The Urban Equestrian Academy

Hello to everyone reading; we are ‘Team UEA’ for short and we are proudly sponsored by the amazing WeatherBeeta.

First though a bit more about us, if you’ve not heard of us before ‘The Urban Equestrian Academy’ is a social enterprise aiming to get inner city kids into the saddle and changing the face of the equestrian world for the good by making it more inclusive. The CEO of it all is Freedom Zampaladus who set this all up over four years ago.

It all started at riding schools back in 2017 with the launch of A.J.P.C. a pilot project held during the evenings for kids who had little access to horses/ponies.

However, fast forward to 2019 we gained our first ever self-run property in Kirkby Mallory - finally a chance to prove to everyone would run things ourselves and even better than we had before.

It all started with three horses, well that was for the first few hours we received loan horses Ice, Jet and Spirit. In the early hours the next day Blessed (Jets second foal and Spirit’s sister) decided to surprise us all by being born in the outside arena. That meant we had four horses, two of which were still babies!

Before we knew it though we had found a new property in Scraptoft where we are based now. This move brought on new challenges but it’s on the outskirts of the city making it easy for people to get to us and for our name to be more well known in the city. With this came all the new horses including: Jet and Blessed who we ended up buying, Reign, Pocahontas, Kallilah, Massai, Joey, Cinnamon and not forgetting Orion who is currently in London.

New horses and ponies meant we could over more and more to those coming to ride and help at Urban. From amazing off-road hacking to horse care, we can properly run things from this site just as we want. We haven’t stopped yet though, we are searching for our very own property we can call our own that we don’t have to rent.

We have expanded so much from starting a riding school to now holding four different group from tiny tots to adults we now cater to all. Now with our lovely Weatherbeeta rugs and saddle pads we look like a proper team – ready to show the world what we are made of!

weatherbeeta and the urban equestrian academy

To find out more about The Urban Equestrian Academy, click here: http://www.urbanequestrian.co.uk/