I Supported  My Local Rescue Centre

There is something extraordinary about how a Labrador looks at you. I always think they are saying to themselves ‘’I have had so many disappointments in my life, (mostly not being fed enough!) but I still love you’’. 

My four-legged friend is called Clover. Clover is the first dog we have had as a family and actually my first dog ever. As a boy, I didn’t have a dog, despite years of campaigning. That is a story for another day. Our story with Clover started when we met her at the wonderful Dog’s Trust facility at Honiley in Warwickshire. She was a sad sight having been picked up on the streets of Ireland. She had not been treated well at all and was in poor shape. Every day when I lock eyes with her, I ask myself how my fellow humans could have so casually inflicted pain on her. It’s so terribly sad. But this is not a sad story, or at least it is a sad story that turned happy!
Clover has been with our family now for nearly a decade. She has been loved, looked after and has had a far better middle age than youth. We love her to bits and she loves us too. There are some remnants, we think, of those early years in her tendency to occasionally bolt for home, or hide when we are out on a walk she feels insecure. Evening walks need a reflective WeatherBeeta dog coat just to make sure that I know where she is when she hides (as well as keeping her visible and safe when she does do a disappearing act).

Whatever the Weather

Having a dog in the family is a wonderful thing. You are never properly alone even when everyone else is out. It always provides a valuable lesson in caring for others too, which can never be emphasised enough in these self-centred times. It shouldn’t be underestimated either that the necessity of taking Clover for a walk, whatever the weather, is good for us all. With the right clothing, no weather is too bad for either of us. I do think she appreciates being kept warm, dry and snug in her WeatherBeeta dog coat on those filthy winter days. I know I certainly appreciate that the job of drying her off afterwards is certainly less messy!

A Fairy-Tail Happy Ending

So, for all those want-to-be owners, or for those thinking of getting a new dog, please can I recommend spending a little time seeing if the wonderful rescue centre that you have near you has a new friend for you? You will never regret it and your actions will be repaid many times. Most of all you know that you played a part in giving a sad story, a happy ending.