Product Review: ComFiTec Plus Dynamic Lite

We heard from Cat in Devon, to tell us how delighted she is with her new ComFiTec Plus Dynamic Lite! “Bonny, my retired 25 year old mare, has been kept lovely and dry in the torrential down pours that we have been recently experiencing. She lives out 24/7 and the rug has remained straight, and not moved an inch. The large tail flap has also provided fantastic shelter against the elements, while the padded wither area is perfect for her with her old age, as she has a more prominent wither. To top it off its purple, which is my favourite colour!”

Cat, Devon

Our Plus Dynamic range features Lite, Medium/Lite, Medium and Heavyweights to carry you throughout the seasons and are available in a variety of different neck styles, Standard neck, Combo and Detach-a-neck, making this a great range for all horses. Additional benefits include the memory foam wither relief pads, which contour to the horse’s shape lifting the rug off the withers, reflective strips for extra visibility and a strong 1200 denier triple weave outer that is waterproof and breathable. Our Plus Dynamic range starts from £94.99.