Product Review: WeatherBeeta Summer Sheet Lite III

Just wanted to send a quick message of appreciation about the WeatherBeeta Summer Sheet Lite III.

My horse has never burned the way he did a week or two ago, I was not expecting it and so needed to find a UV protection fly rug for him to wear, pretty much 24/7. I was so pleased that the rug arrived the next day after ordering (on a bank holiday!!), I ordered it straight from your site.

I usually buy rugs made for heavy horses, because my cob has big shoulders, I was nervous it wouldn’t fit and due to the fact the burn was on his shoulders I was worried about it rubbing! However the rug fit PERFECTLY and I am so so happy with it.

This rug combined with cream, has allowed his skin to fully heal in just under a week and I am so pleased. The cotton material has meant that he doesn’t get hot, and I also think this rug will be fantastic for his sweet itch.

I just want to thank you for your brilliant product and fantastic service which got this rug to me the next day, and kept my horse comfortable. I'm saving up to buy another one because it is such a fantastic rug!
(He is a bit of a rug wrecker so I'm saving to get a spare so if he rips it there is another one ready for him to wear whilst I repair the other!)

Thanks so much,
From Chloe & Tom

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