Therapy-Tec Range Review

Elise Hervé, our French brand ambassador, put the Therapy-Tec range to the test. Here is what she had to say...


"My horse, West Wind, has a large frame and suffers with osteoarthritis. For 2 years I had been interested in the Therapy-Tec range from WeatherBeeta to try and relieve it a little for him, so I ended up ordering the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier with Therapy-Tec Detach-a-Neck Lite Plus turnout rug which offers 50g of polyfill.

For its first use, I put the rug on the night before a jumping session. During the warm-up he was forward going and very willing, and he jumped wonderfully well. After the session, the rug was put back on. His back was flexible, he was happy and so was I!

Based on the results, I ordered the same rug for my mare Quessie. She has no problems, but her comfort remains my priority! Since then, this rug has been accompanying them both before and after each session.

Without being clipped, they can withstand a rug well, without sweating, even in temperatures up to 14°C.

I personally love it because it's reflective at the shoulder gussets and tail flap, which is essential for me. I have to walk a little bit to bring them to the field during the day and return them to the stables at night. With the short days, I can move around in complete safety.

The neck cover is removable, so I chose to put this on for Quessie who feels the cold more and leave West Wind with the standard neck option. The rug also features a memory foam wither relief pad, which lifts the rug off the shoulders to prevent rubbing. The ceramic fabric technology is present on the entire back line but also at the neckline, which also relaxes the neck.

therapy tec detach a neck rug

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After this first test, I obviously wanted to test the WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Fleece Combo Neck rug.

I chose the combo model, not necessarily needing to do so, but that it could be interesting to relax the forehand of my horses.

So, I mainly use this on my horses for drying and recovery after exercise. The ceramic effect doesn't make them too warm; I love this rug too. The ceramic technology is present all over the spine, from head to tail.

therapy tec fleece combo neck

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My horses were already well equipped, however I wanted West Wind to benefit from the Therapy-Tec effect during exercise too, so I opted for the WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Saddle Pad and WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Fleece Quarter Sheet.

What can I say… I love them, and they have become my essentials.

The saddle pad is supple and soft. The ceramic fabric is offered all over and it benefits from reinforcements at strap level.

West Wind loves it too. Summer and winter, he wears it without getting too hot. His back remains very flexible. Unlike other saddle pads, this one hasn’t worn down, so I don’t have to use any additional pads underneath.

In addition to that, the pad is delivered with its own cover! It’s the first time I’ve seen this and I’m such a fan! It is finally possible to store them and protect them from dust!

The saddle pad is available in dressage or general purpose cut.

therapy tec saddle pad

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The exercise sheet benefits from the ceramic effect also. On each side, the bottom of the sheet is made entirely of fleece, which is very convenient for cleaning when wet and splashed with sand from the arena.

Its cut is fantastic! Finally, an exercise sheet that covers the entire body of my 17hh Selle Français! It attaches to the girth straps or stirrup straps and does not interfere in any way during riding."


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