Update from WeatherBeeta Brand Ambassador Amelia White

The postponement of Tokyo 2020 was certainly not unexpected given the current situation, although it is incredibly disappointing. Our goal remains the same, but as we are on a different timeline, my training schedule is a little different. As the resuming of competitions (and normal life) is very much unknown at this point, I’m using the time to further Genius’ training and work toward solid PSG level. My hope is that we can get out sometime after October and jump straight into small tour after months of hard training! This goal is also giving me something to focus on, and I’m very grateful for the support of my wonderful sponsors. 

Amelia White

As for our Tokyo plans - they remain the same with the end goal of Paralympic team selection in 2021. Our qualifiers will begin anew, and I will be making sure our extra training time won’t be wasted come the beginning of next year. I definitely have the feeling now that the Games will be an even bigger celebration at the end of all of this, and although I am incredibly disheartened by the postponement, it has also made me want it more!