Update from from Chloe's Socialisers

We would like to let you know how WeatherBeeta’s sponsored puppy, Chloe, is settling in with her puppy socialisers, Carole and Steve. 

“Chloe has been with us now for a few weeks. It did take her a good couple of days (which is understandable) to adapt to being away from her Mummy and siblings but she has settled in well and has been sleeping through the night since then.  Her toileting is going well, only the odd mishap in the day but she is clean at night.

I think it has helped having our other dogs, Tess and Amy around; they have both been great with her and she adores them.  She has also met a couple of family dogs and got on fine with them too.

Her confidence has grown and she is most definitely an outside girl and loves being in the garden whatever the weather (not like me, I hate the rain and cold!!).  She is a proper little explorer venturing into places she shouldn’t, climbing and eating our strawberry plants – the little devil!

She loves her food and of course any treats that may be going.  She is making brilliant progress with her sit and waiting for food commands.   It always amazes me how clever these little puppies are at such a young age. 

Our puppy coordinator, Helen, came out recently to vaccinate Chloe so that she can go out into the big wide world. We are currently working on getting her used to sitting in the car, so that she feels comfortable for when we do go out for drives.”

Carole and Steve, Socialisers