Winnie's Adventures: WeatherBeeta Rolled Leather Dog Collar Review

Spring is in the air - and at 12 weeks old, Winnie the Miniature Dachshund is ready for her first adventures beyond her four garden walls.

At just 20cm length, Winnie is still tiny and could easily give her owner Lois the slip during her explorations.

“I wasn’t sure if any product on the market would be small enough for her!” said Lois, who was clearly keen to keep her new pooch safe.

Winnie was kitted out with the WeatherBeeta Maroon Rolled Leather Dog Collar in a size XS which fits her perfectly. The soft leather is gentle on her puppy fur and the D-ring has allowed for a personalised tag to keep Winnie safe on her daily walkies.

“I love the colour of the collar against her coat, and it’s lovely and light, so Winnie has taken to wearing her collar straight away.”

weatherbeeta rolled leather dog lead maroon

Of course, Winnie had to have a lead to go with her new collar, and the matching WeatherBeeta Marron Rolled Leather Dog Lead does the perfect job! With a length of 120cm, it gives her a nice amount of personal walking space but still close enough for Lois to keep a close eye on her during her first few outings.

weatherbeeta dog collar winnie the dachshund

“Winnie loves being outside – smelling the new spring air and learning new sounds, but her little legs mean she gets very tired and very quickly” and so once home, Winnie curls up on her WeatherBeeta Square Denim Dog Bed. With a waterproof outing and breathable cotton polyfill, who can blame her that this is her favourite spot to sleep!

If you love Winnie's style, you can pamper your pooch too with our complete WeatherBeeta pet range featuring dog collars, leads, harnesses, beds, bowls and more!


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