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Since 1988, Dogs For Good have been making life-changing differences for people with disabilities. They support people with a range of needs including physical disabilities, autism, dementia and learning disabilities enabling them to lead more independent lives through the help of trained dogs.

Over the years Dogs For Good have supported thousands of people, their wider families and communities through the power of dogs. Through the deep understanding and knowledge of the human-dog bond they continue to develop these services, offering an approach that isdistinctive and personal, bringing positive outcomes for both people and their dogs.

At WeatherBeeta, we understand the huge positive effect that dogs can have on people’s lives and how important the work is that Dogs For Good do. Therefore, we have partnered with Dogs For Good UK, as we believe that they are a fantastic charity offering the very best support for a wide range of people. 

Look out for giveaways, offers and charity events to help support the hard work that Dogs For Good do. If you want to find out more information about what Dogs For Good do and how can you help, head to their website at: 


We are super excited to announce that we are now a Puppy Partner of Dogs For Good! We would like to introduce Chloe, our Golden Retriever sponsored pup, born on 13th September 2020.

The next twelve months will be crucial in Chloe’s training. Learning all about the world around her, the young puppies must become obedient, calm and confident dogs if they are to become a fully-trained assistance dog.

Even at such a young age, Chloe will start to show some of the characteristics needed in a fully trained dog: confidence, an interest in people and in playing. When a puppy is chosen for the scheme, they are introduced to their puppy socialiser, who they will live with for around twelve months. Puppy socialisers are a wonderful group of volunteers who will give the puppy lots of love and security, and in return get lots of laughs and rewards. Most importantly, they provide each puppy with lots of experience of the world around them. However, at the moment this work will have to continue in the home environment.


We would like to give you an insight into our puppies’ first year under normal circumstances and demonstrate what is in store for Chloe once lockdown is lifted:

All new born puppies need a schedule of vaccinations in order for them to grow into dogs who remain free of infectious disease. Until the puppies have had their full set of inoculations, trips out mean that their puppy socialisers have to carry them everywhere to keep them safe and healthy until all their vaccinations are complete. Then, for the next couple of weeks, walks are deliberately kept very short, sometimes simply to the end of the road and back- young bones need time to develop slowly to avoid any joint damage. Puppy socialisers will follow a structured routine with the guidance and support from their dedicated Puppy Coordinator, Helen, to make sure early training is done correctly. Chloe’s socialisers, Carole and Steve, will take her out every day – maybe picking up children from school, going to the local bus or train station, or the supermarket for the weekly shop. Thanks to the green training jacket all our puppies are given, they are granted access to public places. Puppies are naturally very inquisitive and boxes and bags are just begging to be explored, so Carole and Steve will have to keep a sharp eye on what is lying around! It’s also important to make sure puppies get regular undisturbed rest periods and we encourage our puppy socialisers to use the dog crates for this purpose. Puppies soon understand that this is their special place and are very happy to settle down on a nice soft blanket with perhaps a cuddly toy for company, and get some well-earned sleep!

Chloe has an exciting year ahead, with lots to learn and plenty of love and cuddles with her new family. With the love and support of Carole and Steve and their family and the team at Dogs for Good, she has every chance of success!

Read our latest update about Chloe on our blog page 

weatherbeeta walk in aid of dogs for good

In May 2021, the WeatherBeeta Team chose to take on a walking challenge of 847 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats in aid of Dogs for Good. This past year, the charity has seen a dramatic reduction in fundraisers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With each assistance dog costing £21,000 to train and support throughout its lifetime, it is vital that funds are raised to help support this wonderful charity. The WeatherBeeta Team wanted to join together and, despite working remotely, challenge ourselves to a virtual team walk. In just 17 days, the team completed the enormous 847 miles, and so extended the walk from John O’Groats to the Dogs for Good centre in Banbury, a further 592 miles. In total, the team rasied £266 for Dogs for Good.

If you would like to support the crucial work that Dogs for Good do, please click here.

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